Speakers - Climate Finance

Climate finance leaders will share their expertise at the Sustainable Innovation Forum on the technologies changing the finance world, how blockchain will revolutionise carbon markets and how investors and policy makers are working together to align investment with climate action.

Asger Garnak

Chief Advisor, Climate and Energy Finance

Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate

Dr. Barbara Buchner


Climate Policy Initiative

Jose Lindo

CEO & Co-Founder


Jose Lindo Solis, CEO and CO-Founder of Climate Blockchain Initiatives, is a visionare, pioneer and social entrepreneur that, through the years, has been developing knowledge, sensibility and expertise in fundraising and corporate social responsibility strategies.

He has attained various academic titles, including a Master Degree in Natural Resources Management and Social Marketing, developing a unique and balanced profile that combines knowledge of environmental problematics with a profound understanding of politics and corporate dynamics.

Moreover, his innate curiosity and his pioneristic mindset has pushed him to experiment with emerging technologies like augmented and virtual reality and blockchain, so to develop innovative and disruptive solutions aimed to help communication, visibility and driving of financial resources towards environmental and social oriented projects.

Through his career, he worked as fundraiser and advisor for the United Nations, NGOs and various governments, managing a wide range of campaigns and institutional actions aimed to the preservation and enhancement of natural resources. As highlight, he performed as key actor and stakeholder in the UNEP “Plant for the Planet” campaign, where he was inspired by and worked alongside Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai, raising funds to plant 47 Million trees throughout the Spanish territory and creating one the largest green areas in Europe.

He was also advisor for the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, which analysed the impact of climate change and he is one of the key references for the B-Corp movement, advocating green, social innovation and impact oriented projects worldwide.

Said Ibrahimi

Chief Executive Officer

Casablanca Finance City Authority, Morocco

Simon Horner

Head of Policy, City of London; Coordinator

Green Finance Initiative

Simon Zadek


UNEP Inquiry

Teresa Fogelberg

Deputy Chief Executive

Global Reporting Initiative

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Representing environment ministers, city leaders, UN agencies, private sector innovators and adopters


Discussing the circular economy, energy transition, sustainable mobility and climate finance


Attendees represent nations all across the globe with a big focus on Europe and north America
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