Speakers - Circular Economy

Join circular economy leaders on the side lines of COP24 at the Sustainable Innovation Forum to discuss the opportunities and challenges of a circular economy, innovative ways to reduce waste and single use plastics, and what policy approaches are supporting the transition.

Anders Jacobson

President and Chief Strategy Officer


Anders Jacobson is President and Chief Strategy Officer of Bluewater, a global leader in water purification technology and solutions. He is also co-founder and CEO of Blue, a Stockholm-based investment company that both invests in and operates Nordic and international companies such as Bluewater that applyies human ingenuity to deliver solutions benefiting planetary and human health. A 32-year old former investment banker with a lifelong passion for sport, Anders is passionate about the environment and sustainability. With a strong investment and management background, Anders describes his top qualities as enthusiastic leadership and commitment and translating them into opportunities based on a clear-cut vision and agenda.

Harald Friedl

Chief Executive Officer

Circle Economy

Hon. Guðmundur Ingi Guðbrandsson

Minister, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources/Fisheries and Agriculture

Government Offices of Iceland

Guðmundur Ingi Guðbrandsson took office as Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources on November 30 2017 for the Left-Green Party. Guðmundur Ingi was born on March 28 1977.

He holds a BSc degree in Biology from the University of Iceland and a masters degree in Environmental Management from Yale University.

He was the CEO at Landvernd – Icelandic Environment Association from 2011 – 2017. He also worked for the University of Iceland carrying out research in ecology and environmental sciences, and for the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland in the fields of global studies and research. Since 2006, Guðmundur Ingi has been a guest lecturer at the University of Iceland, the Agricultural University of Iceland and the University Centre of the Westfjords. He has also worked as a park ranger almost every summer for the last few years.

Guðmundur Ingi was one of the founders of the Icelandic Society for Environmental Scientists. He was the society´s first president, in 2007-2010. Currently, Guðmundur Ingi serves as the Chair of the Fulbright Alumni Association in Iceland.

Hon. Kimmo Tiilikainen

Minister, Ministry of the Environment

Ministry of the Environment, Finland

Minister of the Environment, Energy and Housing, 5 May 2017 to present
Master of Science (Agriculture and Forestry), Member of Parliament
Centre Party of Finland
Date and place of birth: 17 August 1966 Ruokolahti
Place of residence: Ruokolahti

Political career

Minister for Housing, Energy and the Environment, 5 May 2017 to present
Minister of Agriculture and the Environment (Sipilä), 29 May 2015
Minister of the Environment (Vanhanen II), 28 September 2007–10 April 2008

Member of Parliament, 2003 to present
Parliament work

Ruokolahti Local Council, Member 2001 to present

Other work experience and societal responsibilities

Council for Natural Resources, Member 2004–2011
Neste Oil, Stakeholder Advisory Board, Member 2011–2015
WWF, Supervisory Board, Member 2011–2015

Michelle Lemaitre

Head of Sustainability

International Olympic Committee (IOC)

Wayne Hubbard

Chief Executive Officer

London Waste and Recycling Board (LWRB)

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